Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cassy & Cammie Kyootness!

 Cammie and Cassy outfit Kyootness! Adorable outfits, that you are sure to love! 

                    So sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but you know how it is! With back to school sales, I get to shop a lot in real life! Maybe I should make a real life blog. Although, all my money spent on clothes, were clothes for my kiddlets. But that's okay! That's so Kyoot has new releases (prolly old by now, because it took me forever to blog these outfits!), but they are still so KYOOT!

                    In the first picture, I wore the dress to my trial sister's Welcome Home party. It is such an adorable outfit, I just love it to pieces. But the leggings, aren't glowy in SL, that's just how it came out edited. Hmmmph! But this outfit comes with the dress, Kid and Baby sizes, leggings in Kid and Baby sizes, flats, a belt around your torso, and a hair bow! I love the polka dots on the dress, it gives it a variety of neutral colors. So you can style anything neutral with it. Whether you replace the shoes, leggings, or whichever!

                    In the second picture, it just reminds me of summer, and rays of sunshine! Summer is coming to an end, we have less than a month of it left. Which gives you all the reason in the world, to go purchase the outfit! You get flippy floppies, the belts, a skirt, shirt, and bracelets. You can mix and match the bracelets with any outfit too! I don't want summer to end, so I will definitely be soaking up some rays, in this adorable outfit.

                    And a little update on me! My trial is going good, the Hart - O'Mailey family is super sweet, and amazing. My best friend Alice went on trial, so we're twinning, woot! If you were wondering where there is a beautiful sim, a place to hangout, and get adopted, then Heritage is the place to be! The people are so nice, and there are a lot of activities for you to do, even if you are just chillin. You'll definitely want to check Heritage out, because there is renaissance fair coming in September! How exciting!

And now for the credits! \o/

Picture 1:
Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo v2.5 (Baby girl)
Shape - My own!
Skin - Mother Goose's - YU
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - LaViere - Elizabeth (At Collabor88)
Outfit - That's so Kyoot - Cammy

Picture 2:
Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo v2.5 (Baby Girl)
Shape - My own!
Skin - Mother Goose's - YU
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - Magika - Little 
Outfit - That's so Kyoot - Cassie

And that's it! I hope you all enjoyed the kyootness, in today's post. You should definitely go and shop, shop, shop! Right now. Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe, and have fun! As always, Happy Shopping!

- Logan

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Purple murple, lemon... nothing else rhythms!

                    See, I promised you guys that I would post again, and now here I am. Literally, like, look, my picture is up there! Am I famous yet? *flips hair* No? No? Okay. (Insert sad face here) But but, I am using this picture as my panel picture at Heritage. Which is probably coming down, if I can get past Alice! But anywho, like I said in the last post I am going to focus on my store, blogging, friends, and editing better pictures. Because I might do that as a second job. Maybe, not promising anything! Giggles. 

                    Since, I decided to spend all mines money on Gracelynn (my adult avi), I haven't been shopping on Logan in like, forever! And I definitely need to go, so maybe that's something I can do today, go shopping, and blog either later today, tomorow, or within the next few days. So, where do you guys want to see stuff from? I am going to check out Turducken, Petite Bowtique, Inner Piece, and Candii Kitten, oh, and .click, because I definitely need to stock up on stuff from their stores. =D

                    And I want new hair, and I really want the LaViere one from Collabor 88, but seems like everyone has it. And I want to be a trend setter! *giggles* So, that may have to wait. So maybe today, I will have a whole new look. Who knows. Mebbe I will be blond! OMG. Blonde Logan? That's be a crazy makeover, eh? But yeah, if you guys want to see me blog from somewhere, or you as a creator want your store blogged, then IM me inworld at LoganElise. We can set something up!

                    And omg. I just watched two Alligators on TV fight. And the one gator took the other gator's leg in his mouth, and tried to attempt a death roll on it. Omg, I am gonna cry. That is so sad. Why must that Alligator be some mean, why why why. Darn, I am never watching that show again. Yeah! That's right, they just a viewer, haha! But seriously, they played it over and over and over again, and it was just disgusting and sad. *cries*

                    You guys probably don't wanna hear about my life, and more about this outfit, duh! Well I blog for Marmelade, and posted about the Funky Boots, on there, and a post on here, and now again! Because I love them so much, and I love purple. So these last 3 posts, are of purple, and my adult avi, woohoo! Okay, now more on the outfit.

The outfit:

Skin - Dunno where I got it!
Shape - My own, yo.
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - [e] - Story - Carrot Reds
Pose - I forgot, I am so so sorry!
Shirt- Little Closet - Anchors Away Tank - Lavender
Shorts - Little Closet - Anchor Shorts - Black
Boots - Marmelade - Funky Boots 2 - Purple Waves

                    I do apologize, because if you do not like purple, then this really isn't the posts for you. But promise, new and fresh stuff is coming, cus I am going SHOPPING! Yay! I can't wait, I am going to get a bunch of stuff. Wooohooo! Well, since you guys are usually the ones going shopping, wish me happy shopping! Giggles.

- Logan

Rockin it, adult style!

                    So yush, this is my totally adorable adult avi. And I decided, that I was going to give you a taste of what you can get, if you too, also have an adult avi. But this post is a special occasion post, unless you guys want me to more adult posts, that's cool too, just lemme know!

                     Mines trial didn't work out, but we are still friends, so all is good! But any who, I am going to focus on Little Kiddlet's, blogging, and making friends! End working on getting better edited photos, cus those are always cool. But also looking for friends on my adult, so you can add me there too. And and

                   This post is going to be a little short, because I have another pose coming for you guys, and I promise this next post will come on today, like, in a few minutes. So stay tuned, for a few more minutes! But now more for this outfit!

The outfit:

Skin - Dunno where I got it
Shape - My own
Eyes - Cocaine Art Eyes - Safei Hazel
Hair - [e] - Flattery - Essentials pack
Mesh Feet - Noya - Bare, Flat, Mesh Feet
Outfit - Sunberry Co - Rayne

Hope you definitely go shopping after this, because after reading blogs today, I know I will! :D See you guys on the flip side. Happy shopping!

- Logan

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm a -Marmelade- monster!

                    Yay for Marmelade and monsters! So, I am super excited, BEYOND stoked that SunAnn has decided to make more boots. I totally missed them at Limited 50 Sale, they were gone WITHIN hours. And I couldn't get a chance to get any of them. But so fortunately, she made new boots. And they are hot hot hot! There are 8 pairs for ONLY 50L each, or a fat pack for 300L. Ugh, it's not fair! She is so creative, and I just seriously want everything she makes, because everything is so darn cute!

                    She also has an adorable night gown/shirt series, that comes in 4 colors. Which are blue, green, pink and purple I believe. I love all the nighties. And they come with slippers and a teddy. You can get the fat pack and mix and match too. Like a pink gown, with a blue and purple slipper, on each foot, and a green teddy. Perfect night outfit! Or if you are like me and are lazy all day, then throw on your PJ's and call it good! I decided on this outfit to wear these amazingly, adorable boots. They go really well! And if you get the pink night shirt, or the blue or the green, or even purple, there are many boots that can go with them. So I really suggest you go and check these things out!

                    And look at the cute monster! Or Alien, whatever it is! This is a rocketship play house, that mines trial mom got for me. And it is so adorable. I am looking forward to going into space and exploring, with my one and only monster friends. Thanks Ada for the playhouse, but be sure not to have more fun than me in it! Giggles. =D

                    Also, later tonight I will be blogging again, but of an outfit on my big adult. So look for that too! And look for me blogging a special item from my store. Which is in the process of making super cute outfits for you! Another exciting thing, my trial is going great, and I am just excited to be loved and have a family again, so yay for me!

                    Well that's it for now folks, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much. I've just been busy being a kid and an adult, all in the same day. And busy with shopping, duh! But, like I said, look for more posts, and for Little Kiddlet's opening soon!


Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo Body (Baby Girl)
Skin - Dunno where I got it!
Shape - My own. (I do customs if you're interested!)
Eyes - AZ - Blue Ice Eyes
Hair - [e] - Other - Bright Blondes
Boots - Marmelade - Funky Boots 2 - Purple Waves
Outfit - Marmelade - Night Shirt - Purple
Pose - .click. - 'tude 4

Get your boots and night gown here!

The Scene:

Playhouse - Alouette - Cardboard Rocket
Monsters/Aliens - Alouette - Monster Photo Op

                    So you better go shopping, because I did a bunch of it, and have lots to show you. But don't spend all your money in one place. There are lots of events to go to, like Limited 50, Dream Garden, Arcade, Collabor 88, Heritage Gacha and more! But definitely go to Marmelade, because her store is perfect, and you will want it all! Now, go go go! Happy shopping!

- Logan


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man!

                    Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man! Bake me a cake as fast as you can! Roll it, toss it up, mark it with an L and an A for Logan and Ada! I should sing as in intro for every post, shouldn't I? Since I am American Idol material! But but, big thanks to Ada who played patty cake with me, and was patient with mines net, while trying to arrange a picture! Ada also blogs for adults, and she has a gorgeous sense of style, so please check out her blog! And mebbe if you IM her, she will play patty cake with you, too! And some exciting news! Ada and I our on trial! \o/ \o\ /o/

                    So today is double trouble with lot's of Kyootness from That's So {Kyoot}! Which I absolutely love to wear clothes from there. I want all of them. Omg. -_- But but, definitely go and check out Peyton's store, because you will definitely find something you find so kyoot! So, why not spruce things up and add a fashionable adult to my picture, play patty cake, and give you the double, double, trouble of kyootness! From me, and Ada!

                    And we took the picture in Ada's living room. Which is really cute, and I love it, and omg. We are just so stinkin cute together. I can't even, I can't express it, gah! Our outfits match, the scene is perf, with the perf pose. Okay, I am done bragging! But the hair Ada is wearing, I want it so bad. I am gonna go shopping as soon as mines store is open. And I am going to go crazy with it! Imma go to Collabor, and Magika, and Mother Goose's, and That's So Kyoot, and Something Cute, and Petite Bowtique, and Marmelade! Ugh, I can't wait. So I guess that means, I have to get mines butt in gear, and get to making clothes! 

                     This is a little shorter of a post, cus I wanna spend time with mines Ada! But now for the clothes credits, and the scene credits! So get ready, because you will wanna go shopping after reading the credits!

What I am wearing:

Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo Baby (Baby Girl)
Skin - Dunno where I got it - Charmy
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Shape - My own! (Sold at mines store)
Hair - [e] - Story - Carrot Reds
Face sparkles - Turducken - Tinted Animated Face Sparkles
Pose - Say Cheese - Patty Cake
Outfit - That's So {Kyoot} - Anna

What Ada is wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair - LuLu

Hair: Magika [01] Now
Nails: Nailed It - Love Donna Flora!

Top: Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse White
Bottoms: Tee*fy Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts Pink

                    And now for the glamorous scene, so you can drag your parents to go furniture shopping, which I love to shop for. Furniture shopping might be mines favorite kind of shopping, we'll have to see!

The Scene: 

Sofa - Lisp - Anna Sofa
Rug - Zigana - Rug Color
Table - Lisp - Anna Coffee Table - Brown
Book - Zark - Vulture Handmade Book
Chair - Lisp - Click Click Snapshot Chair
Knick Knack thingie - Zigana - Antique Abacus 
Bend - Second Spaces & Flowey - Morning Coffee Bench

                    So if you are looking to buy furniture, or wanna shop around for cute clothes, for your big or little, then I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you all have fun shopping. Either if you are playing patty cake with your family, shopping, or snuggling on cute furniture, I hope you have loads of fun! Happy shopping!

- Logan

Polka Dot Party!

                    Put your left arm in, put your left arm out, put your left arm in, and you shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about! Am I American Idol material yet? No, no? Okay. But, I thought that the Hokey Pokey song pertained to polka dots. I feel like, I am a great singer. When you're reading this, just picture me singing very Dulce. And that way we all win. ^_^

                    So, I still haven't gotten to Collabor88, which is A. OKAY. Because I'm giving up on getting the perf hair that is sold there. And since I can't get it, I am more positive that there are bots there, making sure their owner gets all the good stuff. Or maybe, it's people who have an event like Collabor88, and wanna keep people out, so we'll forget about C88 and go to their lame event! Ha! I bet my piggy bank allowance, of 25 cents, that that's it!

                    You all know, that summer is coming to an end, which is super sad. Because I do NOT want to go back to work (Imma teacher AND I take online classes). That will not be fun to handle. But, since summer is coming to an end, I will probably do another contest! Woooooh! So, if you have any ideas of what you would like the contest to be, then please feel free to message or notecard me! I am excited to do the contest, but sad that summer is coming to an end. Man, now I want ice cream to eat away my sadness.

                    Okay, this outfit is really cute. (I need to find new adjectives to describe stuff, hmmmm!) How about this. This outfit is amazingly adorkable! You can wear it to a tea party, or make it your dress to play in a mess! See how it rhythms? Giggles. Or you can wear it as a casual dress outfit! While playing in the mud. Muahahaha! It also has accessories, and a hair bow. It's from That's So {Kyoot}, where you can find outfits for any kind of mess or party, or mood you're in! And poses. If you're planning on snapping a few pics with your family, or maybe for your profile; then this is the place to shop!

                     Annnnnd now! For more info on the outfit, like what hair, skin, eyes, and shape I am wearing, please read on! =D

What I am wearing:

Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo Body (Baby Girl)

Skin - AR - Shiloh Skin 

Shape - My own (Which is for sale in mines store, it's Kayla TD Shape!)

Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis (Mebbe I should change eyes, but these are so cute!)

Hair - [e] - Rumour - Golden Brown

Emote Hud - Say Cheese - Emote Hud (For free in world)

Outfit - That's So {Kyoot} - Jessica

                     If you are wanting some decor for your bedroom, or looking for background items in your own pic, read on, to get details on the scene. Which is just as important as the avi!

The Scene:

Vanity - {PB} - Darling Desk (Comes with crayons and paper to draw on!)

Chair - {PB} - Darling Desk Chair

Doll -  Toronto - Painters Mannequin

You can't see the sign that's on the wall but it's from Floorplan! There are a lot of signs, that are really cute, that you can chose from, from there!

That's so {Kyoot}'s limo:

                    Welp! That's it for now folks. I am going to try to post again tonight, because I love making people spend their monies, and go shop, duh! But, go go go! Take your allowance, and your funds that you were saving for something special, and go shopping! Giggles. Happy shopping!

- Logan

Friday, August 9, 2013

Anchor's away, matey!

                    So sorry I didn't post yesterday! I spent all mines time gambling and working on Little Kiddlet's! Giggles. But here I am todaaaaay! There's quite a few things happening today, which I am excited to talk about! But first I am going to talk about my gambling problem! I would have to blame mines friend Lessa. First she had the nerve to tp me to a greedy event she was hosting. And then tp'd me to Diesel Games, where I spent a lot of money on the Money Vault. How dare she! And she got me sooooo addicted that I went back to play Money Vault this morning. AND DID NOT WIN. I am never gambling again, unless one of you fund it. =D But I am kidding, I had fun with Lessa!

                    Also, this weekend Little Kiddlet's should be opening up! Yaaaaay! I just need to make like 2 more outfits, and you guys can take a look at what I've created! Muahahaha. But yush, there will be releases on 3 outfits, a cute freebie shirt, 2 shapes, an awesome gacha, and cute wall decals! AND. Everything is HALF off, because I love you guys, and because it's a grand opening sale! Be sure to join the group, and check out the info (i.e Custom shapes and outfits, landmarks, upcoming events, and more!). So looks for updates on the blog, and group notices in world. There also may be a little surprise! <3

                    Well, you all know that Collabor88 is now open! It just opened yesterday at midnight, and it's the anniversary of C88. AND I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET IN THAT STORE FOR 2 DAYS, OMG. Sorry for that heated moment, I just really want the L. Elizabeth hair there. I want it soooo bad! And then I can blog it, and you guys can go buy it, and we'd all be happy. But nooooo, the region is like, ALWAYS fully. I have such bad luck, it's not even funny. Which is why I am also quitting gambling, lololol! I have a theory though. That people put up lots and lots of bots, so no one can get in. And that way they can keep everything to themselves. Cries. That's probably it! But, if any of you are at C88 and you've seen the L. Elizabeth hair, please lemme know how it is!

                    Guessing you guys want to hear about this outfit, from one of my new favorite stores! Called, Little Closet! Love love love it! It's not too girly, and it's not too boyish! Perfect store for EVERYONE,  I bet all of you can find something you absolutely love in that store! And I believe, that it is nothing over 100L. How can you beat that? You can't, omg. So that is why you should definitely shop at Little Closet. I actually took this picture at [ Scribbled Hearts ], they do have a 3-minute auto return, but it is a really pretty sim, and great to take blog pictures at! \o/

                    But now for the credits, so you guys know what to get when you go shopping. But also, I would like to remind you guys that Limited50 is now out! I didn't buy anything there, but there are a lot of cute stuffs! Items from .click., Petite Bowtique, Baby Couture, Abby Lane, Baby Pie, and more! Everything seems to be going pretty fast, so you should hurry, hurry, hurry, and shop, shop, shop! But now, without further or due, credits! Dun dun daaaaaa!

Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo Body (Baby Girl)
Skin - Mother Goose's - YU
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Shape - My Own!
Hair - [e] - Soft - Golden Browns
Glasses - Rawr Muffinz - Giraffe Glasses - RARE
Shirt - Little Closet - Sail Away Tank - White
Shorts - Little Closet - Anchor Shorts - Black
Boots - Little Closet - Coal Moccasin Boots

                    And now for the links so you can have fun shopping! Woohoo! But I advise you to NOT gamble. If you have as much bad luck as me, you WILL loose all your allowance! Giggles.

Little Closet's limo:     

Limited50's limo:

                    Well, have fun shopping mines people! Don't rub it in too much if you get a lot of cute new stuff! Look for new information on Little Kiddlet's and other kids stores and events! Happy shopping!

- Logan