Hiyas! You're probably on this page, because you want a little more info on my blog!

Well well, first, a little about me! Cus I know how much you guys are dying to know ALLLL about me. *giggles*

✿ Mines name is Logan (inworld name LoganElise), I obviously loooove to shop and blog. Mines favorite stores to shop at, for clothes, are The Blossom, and Peekabee. Magika, and Elikatira for hair, and Mother Goose for skin! I really can't stay away from shopping for long.

✿ I am currently working on opening up mines store, Little Kiddlet's, and working on progressing my blog, woooh! I love to chat, which is why my posts are so long, lol, and I love to help people. My goal is to make every pixel look stylish, cute, and cozy!

✿ Me ish 2 years old, mines fav snack is rainbow or confetti cake cupcakes, with pink or blue vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles, duh! Easy choice. Love to roleplay, make new friends, dance, make clothes, and of course blog!

And nooooow *drum roll* a little more about The Cozy Munchkin blog, what you've all been waiting for!

✿ The blog mainly targets toddleedoo kiddlets, girls, at the ages 2-5.

✿ Features stores such as: Peekabee, The Blossom, Baby Pie, Click, Petite Bowtique, Elikatira, Mother Goose, Magika, and more!

✿ Sometimes the blog has contests, so stay tuned!

✿ I've had this blog for a few months, and am proud to say it's doing pretty well.

✿ Posts are relatable to anyone, whether a girly girl, or a tomboy.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for more great outfits, contests, and more.

Keep on shopping it up, lovelies.


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