Sunday, August 18, 2013

Purple murple, lemon... nothing else rhythms!

                    See, I promised you guys that I would post again, and now here I am. Literally, like, look, my picture is up there! Am I famous yet? *flips hair* No? No? Okay. (Insert sad face here) But but, I am using this picture as my panel picture at Heritage. Which is probably coming down, if I can get past Alice! But anywho, like I said in the last post I am going to focus on my store, blogging, friends, and editing better pictures. Because I might do that as a second job. Maybe, not promising anything! Giggles. 

                    Since, I decided to spend all mines money on Gracelynn (my adult avi), I haven't been shopping on Logan in like, forever! And I definitely need to go, so maybe that's something I can do today, go shopping, and blog either later today, tomorow, or within the next few days. So, where do you guys want to see stuff from? I am going to check out Turducken, Petite Bowtique, Inner Piece, and Candii Kitten, oh, and .click, because I definitely need to stock up on stuff from their stores. =D

                    And I want new hair, and I really want the LaViere one from Collabor 88, but seems like everyone has it. And I want to be a trend setter! *giggles* So, that may have to wait. So maybe today, I will have a whole new look. Who knows. Mebbe I will be blond! OMG. Blonde Logan? That's be a crazy makeover, eh? But yeah, if you guys want to see me blog from somewhere, or you as a creator want your store blogged, then IM me inworld at LoganElise. We can set something up!

                    And omg. I just watched two Alligators on TV fight. And the one gator took the other gator's leg in his mouth, and tried to attempt a death roll on it. Omg, I am gonna cry. That is so sad. Why must that Alligator be some mean, why why why. Darn, I am never watching that show again. Yeah! That's right, they just a viewer, haha! But seriously, they played it over and over and over again, and it was just disgusting and sad. *cries*

                    You guys probably don't wanna hear about my life, and more about this outfit, duh! Well I blog for Marmelade, and posted about the Funky Boots, on there, and a post on here, and now again! Because I love them so much, and I love purple. So these last 3 posts, are of purple, and my adult avi, woohoo! Okay, now more on the outfit.

The outfit:

Skin - Dunno where I got it!
Shape - My own, yo.
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - [e] - Story - Carrot Reds
Pose - I forgot, I am so so sorry!
Shirt- Little Closet - Anchors Away Tank - Lavender
Shorts - Little Closet - Anchor Shorts - Black
Boots - Marmelade - Funky Boots 2 - Purple Waves

                    I do apologize, because if you do not like purple, then this really isn't the posts for you. But promise, new and fresh stuff is coming, cus I am going SHOPPING! Yay! I can't wait, I am going to get a bunch of stuff. Wooohooo! Well, since you guys are usually the ones going shopping, wish me happy shopping! Giggles.

- Logan

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