Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cassy & Cammie Kyootness!

 Cammie and Cassy outfit Kyootness! Adorable outfits, that you are sure to love! 

                    So sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but you know how it is! With back to school sales, I get to shop a lot in real life! Maybe I should make a real life blog. Although, all my money spent on clothes, were clothes for my kiddlets. But that's okay! That's so Kyoot has new releases (prolly old by now, because it took me forever to blog these outfits!), but they are still so KYOOT!

                    In the first picture, I wore the dress to my trial sister's Welcome Home party. It is such an adorable outfit, I just love it to pieces. But the leggings, aren't glowy in SL, that's just how it came out edited. Hmmmph! But this outfit comes with the dress, Kid and Baby sizes, leggings in Kid and Baby sizes, flats, a belt around your torso, and a hair bow! I love the polka dots on the dress, it gives it a variety of neutral colors. So you can style anything neutral with it. Whether you replace the shoes, leggings, or whichever!

                    In the second picture, it just reminds me of summer, and rays of sunshine! Summer is coming to an end, we have less than a month of it left. Which gives you all the reason in the world, to go purchase the outfit! You get flippy floppies, the belts, a skirt, shirt, and bracelets. You can mix and match the bracelets with any outfit too! I don't want summer to end, so I will definitely be soaking up some rays, in this adorable outfit.

                    And a little update on me! My trial is going good, the Hart - O'Mailey family is super sweet, and amazing. My best friend Alice went on trial, so we're twinning, woot! If you were wondering where there is a beautiful sim, a place to hangout, and get adopted, then Heritage is the place to be! The people are so nice, and there are a lot of activities for you to do, even if you are just chillin. You'll definitely want to check Heritage out, because there is renaissance fair coming in September! How exciting!

And now for the credits! \o/

Picture 1:
Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo v2.5 (Baby girl)
Shape - My own!
Skin - Mother Goose's - YU
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - LaViere - Elizabeth (At Collabor88)
Outfit - That's so Kyoot - Cammy

Picture 2:
Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo v2.5 (Baby Girl)
Shape - My own!
Skin - Mother Goose's - YU
Eyes - Redgrave - Oasis
Hair - Magika - Little 
Outfit - That's so Kyoot - Cassie

And that's it! I hope you all enjoyed the kyootness, in today's post. You should definitely go and shop, shop, shop! Right now. Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe, and have fun! As always, Happy Shopping!

- Logan

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